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Social Media Marketing Course

social media marketing

Social Media Marketing Course

In this era, the Social Media Marketing Course is one of the Most Important Factors in Digital Marketing. Social Media Marketing is the use of to promote a product or service and drive website traffic. Social Media Marketing Course is an efficient way for every business to raise revenue and expand your brand value. It helps people in many ways. In this course, you will learn to make paid Ads campaigns and select your budget to reach the maximum possible audience, which will help you to increase the revenue of the business.

Social Media Marketing Course Content:

     Facebook Marketing

  • Why market your business on Facebook
  • Facebook page setup
  • Cover Image of Facebook
  • Facebook page description
  • Tactics to get your first page like

      Facebook Ads

  • How to set up an adverting account
  • Boost posts vs Ads create tools vs power editor
  • Type of Facebook advertising
  • Create a Facebook advertising campaign
  • Targeting by interests
  • Tips to write a winning ad
  • Place ad order
  • How to view your billing summary

     Instagram Marketing

  • Instagram Business Account setup
  • Content creation in Instagram
  • Reposting in Instagram
  • Followers hack
  • Instagram hashtag(#)
  • Instagram Followers tools
  • Analytics in Instagram

     Twitter Marketing

  • Twitter profile setup
  • Accounts to follow
  • Twitter hostages
  • Twitter polls
  • Pinned twitters
  • Twitter on your website

     LinkedIn Marketing

  • LinkedIn account setup and optimization
  • Connection in LinkedIn
  • Viral posts in LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn blog traffic
  • LinkedIn company page setup
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